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Based in Melbourne, Ili ili stones offers hot stone massage courses in across Australia. On site, at home or at your workplace, you can learn the unique form which combines the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi (with the hot stones) to create a deep experience of relaxation.

This beautiful treatment addresses the many levels of healing necessary to restore balance in the body, mind and soul. It combines the long rhythmic strokes of Hawaiian style massage with the gliding of hot stones along the body. This unique style of hot stone therapy is one of the most requested massage treatments in spas and practices around the world.

Our courses are suitable for:

  • trained massage therapists
  • beauty therapists
  • novice/beginners new to massage
  • couples interested in being able to provide massage for each other
  • those with other qualifications who want to skill-up in another field
  • anyone with an interest in hot stone massage and its benefits

Participants experience a fun, nurturing and professional course. Expect to come away with new confidence in performing this luxurious treatment.

Courses are held over two full days. During this time you will learn:

  • lomi lomi massage techniques
  • deep tissue massage using stones
  • contraindications
  • and more.

Our experienced therapists will teach you about the various types of stones, including how to heat, clean and care for them. We will also explore the philosophy behind these powerful and energetic stones.

After completing the course you will have the ability to create an individualised treatment for any client. By using the radiating heat of the stones, you will gently melt away layers of tension, creating a luxurious treatment clients remember.

In 2017 we are adding a level 2 course to our training calendar.  Level 2 training will enable students to deepen the skills they learned in level 1 and will include:

  • cold stones using flushing techniques
  • effective remedial techniques for common clinical presentations
  • accessing meridian points and powerful acupoints to stimulate deep healing

The student pre-requisite for level 2 training is ili ili stones level 1.

To view a calendar of upcoming courses & to register, please see our Register Now page.


Ili ili stone instructors include

Sue Lee

Founder Sue Lee is our lead hot stone therapy facilitator. As a leading trainer, Sue teaches the ili ili stones method to clients across Melbourne and throughout Australia. She holds a Bachelor degree in Science (Homeopathy) and a Diploma of Education.

Sue has a background in remedial and ka huna massage therapy, having completed all 7 levels of ka huna massage training as taught by the Mettes Institute. In 2004 Sue became a trainer in Hawaiian massage.

Sue has also extended her knowledge with Nancy Kahalewai – one of the main teachers from the Big Island – taught Sue Lomi Lomi Spa techniques in 2007. Sue extended her knowledge of Hawaiian culture and healing concepts with the guidance of Aunty Mahealani.

Sue is known for her down to earth, caring attitude and her passion for sharing knowledge. She runs her own clinic at Clay in North Carlton and is available for treatments

Jody Ann

Jody Ann has been a body worker for ten years. She began her studies with the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine, studying Swedish massage and aromatherapy. At the time she was also facilitating ‘Introduction to Swedish Massage’ courses.

Jody Ann completed her Remedial Massage diploma at the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy. She furthered her studies in aromatherapy with Ron Guba, one of Australia’s leading aromatherapists. 

Jody Ann learned ka huna massage as taught by Mettes Institute. She has been practising ili ili stone massage since its inception and has facilitated ili ili stone courses throughout Australia.

Jody Ann is passionate about working with stones and Hawaiian philosophy. She believes the stones are an immense benefit to all body workers and provides an exceptional introduction to massage therapy. According to Jody Ann, love and aloha is a vital ingredient in all learning and facilitating.


Jae has been massaging for more than ten years and is the owner of Bondi KaHuna & Massage. She is obsessed with the body-mind connection, and has completed qualifications in Remedial Massage, KaHuna Massage, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Somatic Psychotherapy, and is Provisional Psychologist, specialising in body based approaches for processing trauma.

I love working with the stones because they quickly effect chronic muscular tension, and they also work on the nervous system to drop the client into deep relaxation. There’s nothing as effective, or as easy to learn.”

Jae has been training and running groups for 25 years. She’s also a perpetual student, which makes her a great teacher!


Kylie began her massage studies at THA college studying remedial massage after a lifelong interest in bodywork.  She then went on to complete a Diploma of Remedial Massage at Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy, and she is also trained in Bowen Therapy.

Kylie was drawn to the Hawaiian styles of massage early on, and has learned ka huna massage, as taught by Mettes Institute.  She is passionate about this holistic and deeply healing ancient style of massage.

Kylie believes that the beautiful basalt stones used in the ili ili stones massage have a special magic that heals clients and body workers alike, and is thrilled to be able to share this with others.

In-house training (for victoria only)

Discounts and special rates are offered (dependent on class sizes) for  in-house training and large group bookings.

For us to come to you is $700 for one staff member and then $250 for each person after that.

If the group is larger than 10 people the call out fee is waived and each participant is $250.

Again you have delivered another round of sensational hot stone training, we can’t thank you enough for giving us quality and expertise training that we can pass on to our clients who rave about the hot stone treatment and keep coming back for the amazing experience we offer as our signature treatment here at Peace and Quiet.

Peace and Quiet have won 5 Aspa awards over the past five years and we credit people like Sue for helping us achieve these awards, as we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional treatments for our clients.

Thanks again Sue – you are truly amazing.

Testimonial from Claire Stafford, Manager of Peace & Quiet.

Wow what a great 2 days of learning new skills, we all fell in love with the hot stones and Sue created such a beautiful space and energy for us to learn this craft and add stone work to our massage work.

The course handbook is excellent, easy to follow and a great reference resource.  I am so glad Sue took up the invitation to come to the Heavenly Hunter Valley and teach us all this beautiful and effective modality in such a loving & gentle way.

Testimonial from Sally Margan, Manager of Heavenly Hunter Massage.

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